Online Payment Card Holiday Fraud to Climb 12% YOY in the U.S.

ACI Worldwide says it expects a 12% growth in online fraudulent activity in the upcoming holiday season, compared with the same period last year—and lower ticket prices on fraudster-targeted gifts and products. ACI says following the U.S. adoption of EMV chip cards, which protects card data through encryption, fraud is shifting online as fraudsters are…

CUs Embrace Card Management Services for Digital Banking

CUs Embrace Card Management Services for Digital Banking

NCR’s Digital Insight and PSCU have added new credit card management capabilities enabling consumers to access credit card accounts alongside checking and savings accounts in online and mobile banking applications. Known as Card Management Services for Digital Banking, the new service will give consumers a fast and easy way to manage their credit card accounts…

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PSCU has inked a partnership with Member Driven Technologies (MDT) to provide call center support to MDT’s roster of credit union clients. MDT is the largest reseller of Symitar core processing services to the credit union market and has over 150 credit unions clients throughout the U.S.

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PSCU Board

PSCU announced the appointments of Cathy Pace, President and CEO, Allegacy Federal Credit Union, Winston-Salem, North Carolina; and Andrew Rosen, President and CEO, Hawaii State Federal Credit Union, Honolulu.

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Chuck Fagan is returning to PSCU after a two-year stint at
the Credit Union Executive Society (CUES). Acting CEO Tom Gandre will return to his role as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer on April 27 when Fagan takes the reins.

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PSCU & Fraud

PSCU credit unions have saved more than $100 million in declined fraud transactions over the past 12 months. Industry-wide, credit unions have incurred expenses from card reissuance and fraud totaling $87.4 million between the Target and Home Depot breaches.

PSCU, MasterCard Team Offer Payment Option

PSCU will offer the Mastercard “MasterPass” digital payment service to the CUSO’s nearly 700 Member-Owner credit unions, allowing shoppers to more conveniently and securely perform transactions during checkout. The “MasterPass” provides online shoppers a simple check-out process by eliminating the need to enter detailed shipping and card information with every purchase. PSCU’s future implementation phases of MasterPass may allow consumers to go beyond plastic and use an enabled device for in-store purchase transactions. Lake Trust Credit Union (Lansing, MI) has joined PSCU as a participant in testing the new digital solution.

Apple FCU Extends PSCU Credit Card Servicing Agreement

Apple Federal Credit Union signed a contract extension for credit card servicing from PSCU Financial Services through 2014. The credit union has $1.4 billion in assets, 120,000 members and has been a member of the CUSO since 1987. The credit union’s portfolio of 24,000 accounts represents $60 million in outstandings. It is leveraging “AdvisorsPlus” experts to design promotional campaigns and has placed responsibility for the credit card program with one management team member. PSCU Financial Services serves more than 1,500 financial institutions, representing 16 million credit, debit, prepaid, electronic banking and online bill payment accounts.

PSCU Financial Services Deploys EMV Chip/PIN Plastics

PSCU Financial Services is one of the first in the credit union industry to offer plastics that incorporate both EMV chip and PIN technology. The CUSO worked closely with Andrews Federal Credit Union to launch the new card, which is now available to all PSCU Financial Services’ member-owners. EMV integrated circuit cards are widely used in Europe and other regions because this technology offers higher security than magnetic stripe. EMV cards that offer PIN approval are preferred by international travelers because they offer the convenience of use at unattended kiosks and ATMs.