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CardFlash® is a specialized news service for anyone needing to stay informed and on top of the news in the payments industry. News impacting the payments industry is posted as it happens throughout the day with an Email bulletin released at 10am every day. Coverage includes new products and services, quarterly financials on industry players, monthly management benchmarks, mergers and acquisitions, legislative updates, strategic alliances, partnerships, legal issues, management changes and much more. Over 250,000 people rely on CardFlash to keep them informed.

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CardFlash now includes International News at no additional cost. You can search by country, region or topic. All news is organized for easy searching and browsing. Subscribers also receive access to the entire historical library of more than 28,000 news articles published since July 1995. Subscribe now!

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CardFlash® has been writing original articles on the payment industry for over 20 years! Our unique insights, in house archives and historical knowledge is one big reason our news and reporting is trusted and relied upon. Sign up today and see why so many professional rely on CardFlash everyday.

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